Every year thousands of individuals fall into the hands of human traffickers. Women and girls are traded for sexual exploitation while children are subjected to forced labor as factory workers domestic servants and beggars.

Your gift goes to provide for human slave trade prevention rescue and the restoration of individuals brought out of bondage by providing education and job-skills training that will keep many from returning to perpetual servitude.


For many people ensuring that children will never know starvation is of primary importance.  Others aspire to see girls and women rescued from the slave and sex trade while for others providing healing and emergency medical attention to those who are in desperate need is their passion.

Whether you seek to heal feed teach rescue or bring freedom in Christ – Far Corners can help you reach the portion of humanity you want to impact the most.



Where does your heart lead you to make an impact?  Is it to bring sight to the blind in India?  Maybe it’s to provide education to the forgotten children in India or perhaps you have a heart for bringing the good news of God’s love to the people of Nepal.

Wherever your passion leads‚ your gift will make an effective and enduring transformation in the lives of those of that live in the region you are led to support.